Now a lot of people listen to underground bands as well as mainstream bands. Whether or not you like to admit, some bands are mainstream. Virginia Creeper, a New York based Prophetic Industrial Metal band, however, is definitely underground. The band consists of Virginia Creeper (Vocals), Kirk Roth (Guitars), G. Kane (Bass), and Daz (Drums).

The album begins with an intro titled “Who’s Your God,” which as you noticed, is the title to the album. This track leads into a track titled “Deny Yourself.” When the track began, it immediately reminded me of Cradle of Filth. Virginia Creeper’s voice is amazingly similar to that of Dani Filth; by no means a bad thing!

Seventh on the album is “Til Death Do Us Part.” The opening to the intro sounds very industrial and once the vocals kick in, Virginia Creeper lets out a creepy scream that chills to the bones. The guitar riff is heavy, and gets the listeners head moving to the beat.

Tenth on the album is “Liar.” Again, another industrial intro. Kirk’s guitar riff sounds superb in this track and he definitely knows how to play guitar. Virginia Creeper’s voice is, again, fairly creepy in this track and the lyrics really get to you, and make you wonder if we’re being lied to by everybody you love.

Lastly on the album, is an amazing cover of the Motley Crue track, “Shout At The Devil.” The song sounds remarkably like the original, but the band adds their own edge into the track to claim it as they’re own.

Overall, the album was quite good, especially for an underground band. The tracks were catchy and had great rhythm. I give this album a 7.5/10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Who’s Your God (Intro)
02. Deny Yourself
03. Just Like Cain
04. Let The Fire Fall
05. A Great Day
06. Blood Stained
07. Til Death Do Us Part
08. Mistaken
09. I Never Knew You
10. Liar
11. Shout At The Devil*

Run Time: 37:35