Now Metal has many different definitions. Some people would argue that Metal isn’t music, that it is only noise while others would argue that Metal is an art taken to the extreme. Also, people might say Alice Cooper is Metal, while many would say otherwise. Other people might say that Slipknot is the greatest Metal of all time… Everybody has a different opinion!

Trivium though, they are indeed Metal. Whether or not you listen to Nu Metal, or older shit, they’re still Metal. They have the ferocity of Heavy Metal, the speed of Speed Metal, and the ability to rock the fuck out. Formed in Orlando, Florida back in 2000, the band has been tearing up the Metal industry ever since. The band consists of Matt Heafy (Vocals/Guitars), Corey Beaulieu (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Paolo Gregoletto (Bass/Backing Vocals), and Travis Smith (Drums).

The Crusade is Trivium’s third full-length album, but fourth disc all together. Now although in the past a lot of people have said that Trivium is the “new” Metallica, they are now right on the nail with that one. On this new album, Matt Heafy’s vocals sound amazing… although just like those of James Hetfield. It’s kinda unbelievable.

Now onto the disc. The first track on the album is “Ignition.” The intro sounds great and Matt and Corey play so nicely together; it sounds as though they’ve been playing together for 20 years now. As I stated before, Matt’s vocals are way too much like James Hetfield’s. No offence or anything, I know Trivium looks up to Metallica, but Matt’s vocals changed dramatically for this new album, and he lost some of his original edge.

Fourth up on the album is “Anthem (We Are The Fire).” This track is one of the band’s singles for the album. The video is played worldwide, and across the globe on MTV and MTV2. The track isn’t bad at all, and deserves to be played as much as it is. The solo tears into your eardrums and leaves a mark, some might say. “Anthem” is one of those tracks that would make a 12 year old boy want to start shredding.

Eighth on the album is “To The Rats.” Now a lot of people know what Speed Metal is right? Slayer, Chimaira, Overkill, etc etc… This track falls directly into that category. I just got right into the song and if you love rockin’ out, then Rock out to this!

Overall, the album was great, with the only downfall being (in its own way), that is resembles Metallica too much. Matt’s voice from Ascendancy to The Crusade changed dramatically although not for the worst though I might add. I give this album a 8/10. Good job guys.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Ignition
02. Detonation
03. Entrance of the Conflagration
04. Anthem (We Are The Fire)
05. Unrepentant
06. And Sadness Will Sear
07. Becoming the Dragon
08. To The Rats
09. This World Can’t Tear Us Apart
10. Tread The Floods
11. Contempt Breeds Contamination
12. The Rising
13. The Crusade

Run Time: 57:24