Now all of us have heard some of Papa Roach’s older music. Whether or not you enjoyed it is entirely up to the listener. As the years have gone on, the band has changed they’re style more and more, and has gotten to the point where a lot of the original fans don’t listen to them anymore. I for one lost my way with the release of Getting Away With Murder, back in 2004.

The band was earlier formed in 1993, without a guitar player. Instead of a guitar player, they played with a trombone player. Later that year, they tossed the trombone player and brought in the big guns, the guitar. As the years have gone on, the band has endured many ups and downs, and have lost members and gained members. Currently the band consists of Jacoby Shaddix (Vocals), Jerry Horton (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Tobin Esperance (Bass and Guitar/Backing Vocals), and Dave Duckner (Drums).

Now onto the album. The first track on the album is “…To Be Loved.” This track sounds as if the band is attempting to go back to their roots. When the first mainstream album, Infest dropped, the band’s reputation was that of rap/rock. The downfall of this track though is Jacoby uses a lot of cliché’s, which a good writer shouldn’t do.

The third track on the album is “Crash.” This track is one of the few Papa Roach songs that you can actually rock out to. Unlike their track “Scars,” this track really kicks it up. The lyrics get a little bit repetitive, but the song is still good none-the-less.

Now songs like “What Do You Do?” are the tracks that resemble they’re previous album. It sounds like one of their tracks that would be played on the radio non-stop. Now a lot of people will agree with me, but Papa Roach have been diverting to emo the past couple of albums and this track is a prime example of that.

Overall, I was slightly disappointed with the album. If the record touched more to the roots of Papa Roach, then it would have been excellent, but in my opinion, the band caved into the mainstream influence. I give the album a 6.5/10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. …To Be Loved
02. Alive (N’ Out Of Control)
03. Crash
04. The World Around You
05. Forever
06. I Devise My Own Demise
07. Time Is Running Out
08. What Do You Do?
09. My Heart Is A Fist
10. No More Secrets
11. Reckless
12. The Fire
13. Roses On My Grave

Run Time: 48:19
Release Date: 2006