In a world of diversity, it only seems appropriate that musical mastermind Daniel Victor would bring such diversity to the music industry. Born and bred in Windsor, Ontario, Daniel Victor was recognized for his obsession with music, playing his hand at every instrument you can name – guitar, bass, drums, organ, strings, mellotron, all of which he plays in his revolutionary collaborative album. Neverending White Lights Act 1, Goodbye Friends of the Heavenly Bodies, stands for life and death, and orchestrates perfectly with the spirituality of the record.

Daniel is not the only artist featured in this album, he is however, the brains behind the mellow, dark, alternative indie record, which is the first of (what will be) a series of albums to be released. Each album will focus on a different group of musicians, the first features 16 diverse artists like Alexisonfire’s Dallas Green, 311’s Nick Hexum, Our Lady of Peace frontman Raine Maida, Finger Eleven’s Scott Anderson, SuperGARAGE’s Marco DiFelice, former Watchman singer Danny Greaves, and more, leading to a sound unheard of. Although each song has a different vocalist, each song blends in with the next.

The unique beats are gaining quite a fan base with the current popularity of “The Grace” a song featuring Dallas Green. The super mellow song is anything but bland, giving a refreshing new sound to some very tired ears. It is not the typical commercially driven music of today’s generation, and after hearing the same ten songs over and over again, you’re like, “Whoa” something different.

Daniel wrote, produced and recorded the music while on search for the various talents to collaborate. He began the project four years ago in his home studio; his vision was to bring diverse artists together, exploring their talent and shedding light beyond what they are known for. Spooky, yet beautiful, gentle, yet intense, Daniel Victor’s debut album will leave you breathless; you’ll be holding your breath for Act 2!  [ END ]