There aren’t too many industrial bands that are that well known in today’s musical society… But Mushroomhead is a big exception! They rank up even higher than Static-X and Spineshank. Some people even claim that Slipknot’s mask idea was ripped off from Mushroomhead. Formed back in 1993, the band hails from Cleveland, Ohio and consists of Dave Felton (Guitar), Jeff Hatrix (Vocals), Jack Kilcoyne (Bass), Tom Schmitz (Keyboards), Steve Felton (Drums), Rick Thomas (Samples/Turntables), and Waylon Reavis (Vocals).

Now onto the album. The first track on the disc is “12 Hundred.” The intro is somewhat quiet, with the vocals actually sung, rather than screamed. The track gets louder as the song progresses, as do the vocals. There is screaming! Can’t have Mushroomhead without the rough growls.

The third track on the album is “Damage Done.” The intro sounds very mechanical, as does the instrumental through most of the track. Well I guess that makes a lot of sense, considering they are industrial metal. Steve’s drum line is sick and you can feel the bass pounding against your ears whenever he slams on those pedals.

Seventh on the album is “Burn.” The intro is one of the most interesting intros I have heard in a very long time. The track stutters at the beginning, the bass line is tight all the way through, and so is the drum line. The guitar is somewhat repetitive though.

Lastly, the final track on the album is “Embrace The Ending,” which makes a lot of sense of course. The outro to the album is mainly an instrumental and the music soothes the listener’s ears. Jeff and Waylon do sing in the track, very softly, and add melody to the song.

Overall, the entire album was played very well. Every album Mushroomhead brings into the world seems to move up its own musical ladder… one with a lot of steps! Well I give this album an 8.3/10. Great job guys!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. 12 Hundred
02. Simple Survival
03. Damage Done
04. Save Us
05. Tattoo
06. Erase The Doubt
07. Burn
08. Just Pretending
09. The Need
10. Cut Me
11. The Fallen
12. Embrace The Ending

Run Time: 49:00