Straight out of the sunny scenery of San Diego, California comes the thrash metal band known as Mower. Mower has been slowly working their way up in the California metal scene, playing tons of shows and one by one snatching new fans. The buzz that has surrounded the band in the area has begun to spread around North America, largely thanks to the band’s latest album titled Not For You. Not For You is a fast paced, in your face fifteen tracks of pure thrash and aggressiveness that might make you feel dizzy, and that’s just after hearing the first song.

Not For You kicks off with an appropriate title for a Mower song, “American Psycho.” It only takes about twenty five seconds until the listener gets a taste of Mower’s intense metal and it’s a perfect introduction to the essence of the band’s sound. The song is hard and fast and may be the best track on the album. The next track “Road Rage” is about, you guessed it, road rage. It’s a good track, but just don’t listen to it while driving.

The rest of the songs on Not For You follow a similar format as the first two tracks, lots of hard, fast paced guitars mixed together with the screaming vocal stylings of Dominic Moscatello and Brian Sheerin. “10X10” goes at about a mile a minute and its chorus is fun to scream along with. The next track “The End” is a bit of a filler song, but Mower get back to the rocking on the next song “Look Away,” another song with a catchy chorus. The band finally takes a bit of a breather (if you can call it that) on “Broken Hands,” another decent song, with some good going back and forth type vocals from Moscatello and Sheerin. The next track “MPYP” is complete filler and not really worth listening to more than once.

The second half of Not For You is pretty much like the first half in terms of sound. It’s got its share of screamers, the best being “General Admission” and “U-Turn.” After these two songs, the album gets a bit tedious. Of the next six songs, the best are “Undone” and “Seedless,” but at this point Not For You becomes a little too much of the same. The band might have been better off shaving off a couple of tracks at the end but overall, Not For You is a solid album that any fan of hardcore or metal music would like, just make sure not to burst your speakers, or your ears.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. American Psycho
02. Road Rage
03. 10′ X 10′
04. The End
05. Look Away
06. Broken Hands
07. MPYP
08. General Admission
09. U-Turn
10. Undone
11. Not For You
12. L.A. Riot
13. Zone
14. Seedless
15. California Dreamin’

Run Time: ??:??