Now here is a record that’s up beat, with an old school punk rock vibe to it. It’s pretty rad and a lot of fun! The CD cover is very fantastical, the whole unicorn bit, the dark sky scene with shining stars, and then you open the cd case to a collage of band pictures. The fantasy theme doesn’t carry throughout the rest of the booklet at all… not a bad thing though!

I think they brought it! Kill Cheerleader is an acquired taste I’d say and it wouldn’t appeal to the Atreyu female fan base, but it would to those who dig the Motorheads, Guns and Roses’, and Motley Crues of the world; only those will get this album! It’s dirty, it’s sick and it takes you back to when Rock n Roll was dirty, grungy and sleazy, but still catchy and a hell of a good time! Just be careful when head banging kids.

All Hail is one of those records that want things fast if ya know what I mean. Combined with great guitar riffs, killer drums, and catchy lyrics, this is a killer CD. And most of all, they dress the part! Oh how I have missed the authentic skinny girl jeans on guys, double belts and cut off t-shirts… oh the things that Toronto has blessed us with….

The Track “No Lullabies” is the new “Patience”/”Don’t Cry” (GNR). Is all I’m sayin’!

The only thing I would change about the record is the quality, if old sounding and under produced was what they were going for then right on, but the quality deters from the goodness of the album.

8.5 run-ins with a sleazy unicorn out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Sell Your Soul
02. So Young
03. Deathboy
04. Lady Of The Night
05. No Feelings
06. Go Away
07. Find Your Own Way Home
08. I Want Action
09. Don’t Call Me “Baby”, Baby
10. Bad Habit
10. No Lullabies
11. Hurt The People you Love

Run Time: 38:09
Release Date: 2006