“You know where you are? You’re in the jungle baby, you’re gonna die…” Guns N’ Roses dominated the 80’s and early 90’s with their hard rock, glam pop rock, metal, bluesy style of music when at a time pop dance music and pop metal was dominating the music charts.

Having toured alongside bands such as Kiss, Motley Crue and Iron Maiden and achieving worldwide success the band would only end up dismembering due to conflicting egos and quite possibly a lead singer who was a control freak. Regardless of what occurred Guns N’ Roses can never be the same.

And so, when the music is gone, someone has to re create it. If it weren’t for Tribute bands, we would never enjoy the live music from bands we love, and who have seemed to disappear from the public eye.

Enter Guns NFN Rosez, North Americas ultimate Guns N’ Roses tribute band. I had the honour of attending their show at The Place in Brampton, Ontario. Their set was long, hard and fast. Complete with costume changes, and yes Vegas Axl aka “Axl Rose” dawned the infamous kilt, tight shorts and “I’m a lesbian” t-shirt. Along with guitar, drum and bass solos, they executed each song perfetly; their stage presence was down pat, from the infamous Axl sways to a cigarette dangling from Slashes mouth and his ever so popular top hat.

Guns NFN Rosez took the crowd back to the late 80’s and 90’s before egos and where the rock n roll was unique. Covering hits such as “Welcome to the Jungle” and “November Rain,” their over-hour set included most of their singles and notable fan favourite tracks. The band also took into account the new look of Guns N Roses that appeared for the first time at the 2002 VMA’s and introduced Bucket Head as a new member. The band also treated the crowd to a brand new Guns N’ Roses song.

Sing alongs, chants, and classic head banging occurred in the crowd in almost every song. Fan interaction was great, if only that stage was just a big bigger! For being in a rather small venue the band managed to bring down the house. The talent, and desire to be the best tribute band stands true, you will never find another band that can rock the rock like these guys.

Having toured most of Northern Ontario, such as Thunder Bay, North Bay and Sudbury, their relentless stage show also brought them south of the border to open for none other than Skid Row. Other notable mentions is that Vegas aka Axl appeared on Howard Sterns radio show while on location in Las Vegas, and received a hefty $5, 000 poker chip from him.

Some diehard fans of Guns N’ Roses might not appreciate the bands attempt, and a very very good one I might add. But this is as good as it gets, they will not disappoint. They may not be the real deal, but they sure could pull off a two hour set that’s most enjoyable to all and will probably convert the diehards.

I swear on Rock N’ Roll… These 5 guys will leave you wanting more; I know I will be seeing them again soon. Go check these dudes out www.gunznfnrosez.com.  [ END ]