Dry Kill Logic – a band that can mix up genres and still kick ass. They mix in some classic guitar riffs, as well as some Nu Metal licks. Formed back in 1993 as the band Hinge, they changed their name to add some edge to the group. The band consists of Cliff Rigano (Vocals), Jason Bozzi (Guitar), Brendan Cane Duff (Bass), and Phil Arcuri (Drums) and Of Vengeance And Violence is their third full length album.

Now I have the album before Of Vengeance And Violence, Dead And Dreaming and that album kicked ass and I can only expect better from this one. And once again, the band delivered! They turned it up a notch, reaching a level well beyond that of the preceding album.

Track one is only an intro to the album, and leads into one of the best tracks on the disc “My Dying Heart.” The intro is insane and Jason throws in a harmonic that sends a chill right down the spine. Cliff’s lyrics contain a hint of sorrow, therefore you kind of get a bit down during the chorus.

Fifth on the album is “From Victim To Killer.” The drum line in the track is tight all the way across and Phil doesn’t falter or stutter in any way. The entire band plays in perfect harmony.

Ninth on the album is “Dead Mans Eyes.” This track is unbelievable and Jason opens up with an amazing solo that really takes you back. I was literally left breathless! I was expecting maybe a heavy intro, or something along those lines. Now if you don’t mind me, I’m gonna go get the tabs for this sick song.

The last track on the album is an acoustic song titled “In Memoria Di.” This track shows another side to the Heavy Metal thrashers. Cliff’s voice is soothing all the way through and is somewhat like a lullaby. The track is roughly 3 and a half minutes of soothing, sensual music. After the track ends, there is a silence, but the track keeps rolling. WOOHOO… hidden track! After waiting for about 10 minutes I finally got to the hidden song and all it was, was one of the guys from the band yelling “Woohoo!” It was amusing, but disappointing. I wanted a hidden track!

Overall this album is amazing. Six thumbs up on my end. The disc was played so well and although I was disappointed with the hidden track, it was still a good joke. 9/10 from me bros!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. L5 (Prologue)
02. My Dying Heart
03. 4039
04. Caught In The Storm
05. From Victim To Killer
06. The Innocence Of Genius
07. Boneyard
08. Kingdom Of The Blind
09. Dead Mans Eyes
10. Confidence Vs Consequence
11. Breaking The Broken
12. Lying Through Your Teeth
13. In Memoria Di

Run Time: 52:36