This CD is the shit! It starts off heavy as hell then gets all melodic about a minute into it. It’s something most metal fans would definitely approve of, but that’s just me. I would recommend this disc to anyone that has good taste in heavy music.

Burn In Silence Is a killer metalcore band who exudes originality. This is what I would like to dub “Twisted Metalcore;” it also incorporates keyboards and posses almost like a symphony sound to it. Angel Maker is their new LP out on Prosthetic Records and the band hails from Boston Massachusetts. This music on this album hits you across the face harder then an over-sized sledgehammer. It’s very hard & aggressive in all the ways you would hope and dream.

The overall sound of this disk is freaking insane, but I guess you can thank Ken Susi for that one. After all, he is the man behind this sound… if you think about it. Ken really took his time and did an amazing job for these guys; I don’t think they will ever get shit for this CD because of that. All 10 songs kick total ass and the absolute best are 9, “Watching Dead Leaves Fall” and 6, “Angel Maker.” These two songs are so different from each other, but you can still tell that it’s the same band. But holy fuck is the start of track “Watching Dead Leaves Fall” fast!

The tones are amazing from both the guitar and bass and both musicians seem like fucking intense players. The screamer also does a fantastic job for this band; he can scream so perfectly in a way that you can understand all his words… something rare and totally awesome! Last but not least by any means comes the drumming….

This dude can for sure rip and could probably get into any band he fucking wants to. I don’t know anyone that can match this guy’s blast beats… hands down!

10 out of 10 because Kennif Burger said so!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Lines From An Epitaph
02. Rebirth
03. The Age In Which Tomorrow Brings
04. Embrace The Plague
05. Primal Human Pain
06. Angel Maker
07. Judging Hope
08. Well Adjusted
09. Watching Dead Leaves Fall
10. World of Regret

Run Time: 38:09