Trustkill has done it again! They have delivered another marketable band. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, just saying with a full length they could sell a lot of records, the market is there. This is probably one of the few catchiest bands off this label and Waste My Time… is a very melodic and upbeat release.

So, there are 4 tracks to be heard. Track one is pretty radio friendly, indie radio friendly that is. It’s catchy, it’s pop rock, and the hand clap rocks. The guitar solo is pretty rad as well.

Track 2 starts off with a nifty little guitar riff, and dives into a catchy pop rock song.

Track 3 is a bit more melodic and slower paced. It’s a very guitar riff driven and makes me think of Stevie Vai or something. It’s a slower rock song.

And the 4th and final track picks up where track 2 left off. It’s a cover song; I don’t want to disclose the name and artist, because I want you to invest some time into this band.

A full length album looks very promising, as this teaser delivers… big time!

8.9 brown eyes out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Waste My Time
02. Ephemeral Addictions
03. Hindsight
04. Livin’ On A Prayer

Run Time: 14:12
Release Date: 2006