Following in the footsteps of bands such as Audioslave and Velvet Revolver comes alternative rock’s next supergroup, Army of Anyone. Army of Anyone is composed of former Filter leader Richard Patrick along with Dean and Robert DeLeo from one of the ‘90s most prominent rock groups, Stone Temple Pilots. The new band is rounded out by drummer Ray Luzier, a castoff from former Van Halen singer David Lee Roth’s band. Army of Anyone is just getting set to reveal themselves to the world with their debut album and a huge tour to follow. Fortunately enough for PGA, and you the fans, lead singer Richard Patrick took some time out to answer a few questions about the new band and the new record.

I’m sure you’re getting this question a lot lately, but how did you come up with the name Army of Anyone for this new project/band?
Richard: There is so much negativity in the world right now. We wanted to have a name that stands for something positive and that includes everyone. We all go through the fight of life together and so we decided to become united in an Army of Anyone.

Three of the four members of Army of Anyone are of course from two very successful bands from the 1990s, but when did you all meet for the first time?
Richard: We met at a show. When you’re in bands of a certain status at the same time, your paths tend to cross often.

How exactly did the idea to form a brand new band come about? Who made the initial contact?
Richard: We hung out with each other periodically over the course of many years. Then when I was at the tail end of writing material for the fourth Filter record, our manager asked me if I would want to get together with the DeLeos in the studio to see if we could write something for my album. I thought it was a great idea and I called them up. After sitting together for a couple of days, we came up with a beautiful song called “A Better Place” and it was at that point that we knew we wanted to do an entire record together.

Let’s briefly touch on the making of the record. At what point did you all start writing collectively on the album? Now that it’s completed and set for release, how do you personally feel about the record?
Richard: We started writing the record about two years ago. As I said before, it started out as a collaboration for a Filter record but it ended up sounding like its own entity, so we formed a new band. Although the material pays homage to our roots and our different styles, and you can definitely hear the Filter and Stone Temple Pilots influences, I think it also has its own unique blend unlike anything out there right now. We want to bring back album rock and showcase our musicianship. Robert, Dean and Ray are incredible players.

Aside from Richard on vocals and Dean and Robert on guitar and bass respectively, Army of Anyone is rounded out by drummer Ray Luzier who previously played with David Lee Roth’s band. How did Ray end up being added to the project? Did you audition any other drummers for the band aside from Ray?
Richard: Long before I started writing with the DeLeos, Ray came up to me at a Deftones’ concert and handed me his business card. He said that if I ever needed a drummer… and at the time I wasn’t looking, but for some reason, I hung onto it. Then several months pass. The DeLeos and I finished all the demos for the record and we started auditioning drummers. About this time, Robert and Dean went to the NAMM convention and saw Ray playing at a show. They were so blown away by him they called me up to tell me that we’ve got to audition him. I remember him as the same guy from the Deftones’ concert, so we asked him to audition. He did and got the gig immediately… and I’ve still got his business card.

Originally, your debut album had a tentative release date of early 2006 before being pushed back to September and now finally it will be released in November. What were the reasons for the two delays?
Richard: We had a few great personal reasons that included members getting married and having babies. We also opted to re-mix and re-master our record in order to stay true to our musical vision.

To produce your self-titled debut album, you enlisted the services of the quite legendary producer Bob Ezrin. How exactly did Bob end up being the one chosen to produce the album?
Richard: Bob is a friend of mine. I met him when I was working with Wes Borland and Danny Lohner on the “Underworld” soundtrack. So when we started looking for a producer for this project, we wanted someone of a certain caliber. We wanted a legend.

I’m sure many people have been wondering about this, but will Army of Anyone embrace the past in their live shows by playing any Filter or Stone Temple Pilots songs or will you stick to strictly new material?
Richard: We’ll play everything. I can’t wait to play our new stuff for fans! I think they’ll love the Army of Anyone songs. I also think it’ll be cool to play the Filter and STP material, but with a new twist.

Because three fourths of your band is from two very prominent rock groups from the 1990s, inevitably Army of Anyone is going to be compared to your past work. How do you feel about these comparisons? Do you embrace them or do you feel that your new band has something entirely different to offer?
Richard: We embrace our past. The DeLeos have written some of the best songs of all time and they’re incredibly talented musicians. I’m not too shabby either. Together, we each bring a new element to the table and push each other to strive for more. I think it’s a great blend.

Most bands that are set to release their debut album have played together for quite some time, but of course the members of your band come from very different pasts. What was it like writing and recording an album without ever really having played live together? Did you find this to be a challenge?
Richard: The writing was actually extremely easy. That’s why we decided to form the band. When the writing comes that quickly, you know you’ve got something special. We’ve all been writing our own stuff for years, so it’s only natural that it would mesh. Robert and Dean wrote most of the music, while I wrote the lyrics. I’m so use to writing almost everything, that is was a benefit to share some of the responsibility.

With the imminent release of your self-titled debut I’m sure you guys are eager to get out on the road and play some shows. What are your touring plans for the record?
Richard: We are start a promotional tour next week with a concert tour to follow shortly thereafter. We can’t wait!  [ END ]