Straight out of West Covina, California, A Love Ends Suicide have been tearing apart the Metalcore scene for two years now. Metalcore is a genre which grows everyday and while some of the bands blow, many of them grow and prosper to be legends of Metal on any level. A Love Ends Suicide is one of the bands that will be remembered across the globe. They don’t throw random notes together and hope it works; instead they think about what they play and how they play it. Attitude tells all about a band.

The Metalcore band is a five piece group, four of which are brothers. The band consists of John Cairoli (Vocals), Oscar M. Cairoli (Guitars/Leads), Matt Garcia (Guitars/Leads), Emir Abdo (Bass/Vocals/Keys), and Andres Abdo (Drums).

The first track on the album is “Cold Summer.” The intro begins with the sounds of a train passing by on a railroad, or something along those lines, and once John’s vocals kick in, both guitars go on a riff that could peel the skin off a potato. At one point, John screams “Choke! On Every word that you said! Every word that you said is dead!” Now in my opinion, those lyrics are kinda creepy, but still cool!

Fifth on the album is “The Black Art.” This is in my opinion the best track on the album. It isn’t a really fast paced track and the band takes they’re time playing the intro. Past the intro, the track picks up pace a lot, as the band starts to pick faster and harder. I love it when Oscar and Matt throw harmonics into the mix. Sends chills up my back.

Eighth on the album is “Another Revolution,” which is probably the second best track on the album. Andres’ bass line is tight, providing the main fundamentals that proper metal needs to play, amazing timing. Without timing music sucks!

Lastly, the album leads out with “Heroes of Faith.” After about 20 seconds or so into the track, John lets out a low ‘death grunt’ into the mic. During the bridge, just before the solo, the band behind John chants “Hey” over and over and really makes the track sound as if it were played live. If the band plays this nicely live, I may have to kill somebody to get the ticket.

Overall, the album was played extremely well and the band played tight all the way across. John’s vocals didn’t falter or anything. 8/10 guys.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Cold Summer
02. In The Disaster
03. Of Day Dream and Fantasy
04. Lets Spark To Fire
05. The Black Art
06. Romance Creates Killers
07. Amadeus
08. Another Revolution
09. Dying To Be Beautiful
10. Skate Junction
11. Heroes Of Faith

Run Time: 39:02