When I saw this listed as a possible disc to review I jumped at the chance. I was first introduced to The Pink Spiders via Myspace, and say what you will, I still think that site is great for new bands, providing they don’t start charging bands. For Pete’s sake, the band has more than 500,000 spins on Myspace with just only two songs up for listening. If that isn’t a sign for highly anticipated then I don’t know what is.

The whole album is catchy, it’s fun, and it’s very… once again I use the term “old school.” It makes me want to buy leg warmers and headbands, and polka dot skirts. I can’t help it, I totally dig it.

The level of success the band has received is pretty astonishing. What I once thought was a small band, is getting reviews from top media outlets that will remain nameless since I want you kids to keep coming to this site!

And now to the music critique….

Filled with radio friendly, happy, dancey tunes, this album will be big, if it isn’t already. Sure some might make the claim that they sound like this, or that, and “that” being Surgarcult, I’m almost sure they didn’t set out to be Sugarcult wannabes. (If anyone knows me, they know I love my Sugarcult).

Any who, seeing how the group only has one guitarist, you couldn’t necessarily discern that from the album with their layering and such. And I’m pretty damn sure they’ll take another guitarist out on tour with them to achieve the same effect.

It’s energetic, youthful, a power pop infused album, with pop rock elements, and pop music undertones. Have some good clean fun with this one.

Hot pink everythings 8/10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Soft Smoke
02. Saturday Nite Riot
03. Modern Swinger
04. Hollywood Fix
05. Little Razorblade
06. Back To The Middle
07. Nobody Baby
08. Hey Jane
09. Still Three Shy
10. Adalae
11. Easy Way Out
12. Pretend That This Is Fiction
13. The Pink Spider (Bonus Track)

Run Time: 40:04