Splatter, a band with a solid fan base in the GTA area is now rising to the top of the underground metal scene super fast. There 1st full LP has been out almost 2 years now. The self titled CD that was released early 2005 and hit stores like HMV, The Zone, and CD Plus as soon as it came out. This band is definitely a group that most of us kids in Ontario love. Do you want to know why? It’s cuz good Trash Metal will never die or sell out.

This CD is full of crazy guitar riffs and intense drum beats from start to finish. The overall sound of the CD is very raw and in other words, “Fucking Sweet!” Splatter have been around for about 5 years constantly writing and playing music all over Canada. They have served their fans well; they always rock the fuck out at shows and ensure to kick a lot of Trash Metal ass. This CD has 14 smokin’ tracks that will give your head a mind gamble. This is the kind of music you really have to think about in a lot of ways. I say this because in most case’s bands like this don’t really go to far with out the help of there fans because…

1. It’s not new to the music market.
2. It’s not a new scene.
3. It’s not something you hear on the gay thing I like to call a radio.

The guitar tones Lucas and Oleg got on this CD are very “metalish.” The sounds are raw to the bone and have some crazy rhythm on this album. You can hear it for your self when you listen to songs like “Revenge” and “Waiting In Lines.” Even the bass has some wicked sounds going on, the bass is always the back bone to the band and if you don’t have a good bass player to fill that spot you’re gonna sound empty.

It looks like Splatter is very lucky to have found such a good bass player. The drums are fast as fuck for the most part; dead on to every hit and the timing is insanely good. The vocals are very raw but powerful. Last of all the freaking DJ has some crazy samples in these songs, so if you’re into real good thrash metal buy this CD and support this band. You won’t be disappointed!

This is also an album that was done with engineer Brian “Who Else” (DOA, Dayglo Abortions, No Means No). The resulting body of work is receiving an extremely strong response from fans and industry alike. The album has hit the top 10 in various college charts across Canada and has received airplay from various stations around the world. Splatter spent the summer of 2005 touring Western Canada in which they garnered many new fans. They plan on releasing a video later this year in an effort to reach a wider audience. I give Splatter 8.1 Out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Chauvinistic Pig
02. Claustrophobic
03. Broken
04. Penis Envy
05. Blabber Mouth
06. 32-22-32
07. Call Me
08. Bitch
09. Revenge
10. Indecision
11. Train Wreck
12. Waiting In Lines
13. Skanky Doodle
14. Pussulio

Run Time: 40:46