You can’t help but feel a sense of pride when you hear a Canadian band just tear it up. It’s a sense of pride when recommending bands to peers, and this is one to add to the list. Now although two of the band members, Al and Carl Redmond, immigrated to Canada just 6 years ago from Ireland, the remaining three band members are Canadian born and bred.

Living in an age where the Internet is a huge means of trading music amongst peers and having many sites offer music from indie bands, Everything at Once used this to their advantage and created a huge following, which in turn brought these “on liners” out to the show. Slowly but surely and with the bands hardcore D.I.Y ethic, these five lads are making their mark.

The vocals are killer in the leadoff track “Find My Own Place.” The song is fresh and it rocks. The whole vibe you get from listening to it through and through is it’s just a damn good freaking rock album. It has some dark undertones, but it’s one of those albums you could hear in a rock club. “Bail On You” would probably be considered a ballad, no, it’s not slow and stripped down, but it’s still rockin’. This is my favourite track!

Other tracks such as “Hit The Deck,” “Stand Up,” and “Boys On The Hill” showcase the group’s ability to drop heavier sounds and just plain out rock. These such songs are totally radio friendly, yet remain uncontrived, original, and totally ipod-worthy. With catchy hooks, sing-along choruses, and guitar licks which simply make the head bob and nod, Everything At Once can easily hold their own amongst most other current modern rock acts. A warning ought to be issued to all current Canadian (and other) rock acts… you have huge new competition!

There is no doubt; the band has a bright future ahead of them. The whole CD is worth checking out… go… now…

Although there are only two tour dates lined up they are worth mentioning… Hamilton, Ontario on Sept 20th, where they previously won “Best Rock Recording” in 2005, and then in Toronto on Oct 10th at the Horseshoe Tavern.

8.5 Guinness Beers out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Find My Own Place
02. Hit The Deck
03. Shut Your Face
04. See You Later
05. Boys On The Hill
06. Bail On You
07. Led Into This Life
08. Stand Up
09. Social Inmate
10. Carnivore
11. Medicate and Bleed
12. Streetlife Headlights

Run Time: 41:48