Edgewater, a band from Dallas, Texas, don’t exactly fit into any genre of music. They play what they feel sounds right. They play from the pits of their hearts. They play without resentment and use the tool of life to enhance the style of their music. As I mentioned before, the band hails from Dallas. The band consists of Matt Mossman (Vocals), Micah Creel (Guitar), Justin Middleton (Guitar), Jeremy “Worm” Rees (Drums), and Ricky Wolking (Bass). Now let’s get past all this boring cinematic foreplay.

The album was recorded in 2006, and consists of ten tracks. First of which is “Get it Right.” The intro is played very tightly and smoothly. With a mid-level distortion, this track kicks ass. The lyrics cut to the core and get you thinking. Matt’s voice compliments the lyrics, as the lyrics can really relate to a lot of people… a lot of people screw up. But we’re only human.

Third on the album is “I Can’t Breathe.” The intro somewhat reminds me of a song that would be in a Resident Evil video game… very creepy shit. The entire track is played with a dark shroud hanging over top of it. It got me pretty paranoid.

The sixth track on the disc is “Apples & Oranges.” Interesting name for a track title, but a good track none-the-less. The guitar riff is played tightly and Matt’s singing style resembles that of A Perfect Circle. Now I get the feeling a lot of people will say to themselves “Is he on crack?” No I am not!

Seventh track! The track is titled “Engage.” The first thing that I thought of when I read the title was “Hmm sounds like it would be something to do with mechanics.” And it actually is. The intro sounds mechanical, and very industrial. The lyrics to the track contain anguish, and resentment. A lot of people feel the same way. At one point, he yells “Why can’t you listen to me?” And I for one feel the same way from time to time.

Overall the track was composed very nicely and the recordings were nice and clear… no choppy-ness. My CD had a tiny scratch on it, so it skipped once, but that isn’t the band’s fault. It’s my fault for being so damn clumsy. Getting back to the point… the CD was excellent. 8/10 for sure. Well done guys.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Get It Right
02. Caught In The Moment
03. I Can’t Breathe
04. Rock Is Dead
05. S.O.S.
06. Apples & Oranges
07. Engage
08. U
09. S.O.B.
10. Digging For Sounds

Run Time: 36:08