Before I even start this off all I have to say is that after listening to this CD front to back, in my opinion this is by far one of the world’s most under rated metalcore bands. The talent these guys have as a band is unreal and they are probably one of the tightest bands (for this style) that I have ever heard in my fucking life. The songs are all heavy as hell (just like you would want them to be), but are also so very catchy at the same time.

All That Remains is back!!!

That’s right fuckers; I said they’re back with the best metalcore CD of 2006 in my eyes. This CD kills anything that has been out this year by far. Actually this CD is probably one of the best things I have ever heard in my life. I am a real big metal head, probably one of the biggest metal heads that works for PureGrainAudio, so I know pretty much everything about all the metal bands out right now. That being said I know these guys are here to stay for a long freaking time.

The CD starts off with such a catchy tune… it’s called “This Calling” and is so good that I think it should be on the radio 24/7. This song has tons of melody and memorable riffs, but to be completely honest so does the whole CD. Some stuff catches you off guard, but not in a bad way by any means. This new CD, The Fall Of Ideals, is the kinda CD that would make you shit bricks for weeks. That being said, if you don’t already have this disc or if you haven’t heard of this band at all, then I really think you should go out and by this CD like right after you’re done reading this review.

With the renowned producer Adam Dutkiewicz (of the one and only Killswitch Engage) and engineer Peter Wichers (Ex-Soilwork member) at the helm, there is nothing that can possibly make this CD bad. The overall tones of this album are unreal in way too many ways to explain, but the volumes are freakin’ mint. The drums are simply deafening and all the off time changes and blast beats will make you feel tingling straight up the side of your head. As for the double kicks… simply put… WOW! The bass is thick as hell and the vocals are amazing as well. The overall sound of this beautiful masterpiece is to die for. With 11 kick-ass tracks you can’t go wrong by any means, so go get this fucker right now. 10 out of 10!.  [ END ]

01. This Calling
02. Not Alone
03. It Dwells In Me
04. We Stand
05. Whispers (I Hear You)
06. The Weak Willed
07. Six
08. Become The Catalyst
09. The Air That I Breathe
10. Empty Inside
11. Indictment

Run Time: 37:58
Release Date: 2006