Straight from the Hammer or better known as Hamilton, Ontario comes the five piece alternative rock band known as Everything At Once. Everything At Once is currently one of the most promising indie rock acts in Ontario, largely thanks to a lot of hard work and perseverance. Like so many famous rock acts, Everything At Once was formed and is fronted by two brothers, singer Al Redmond and his brother guitarist Carl Redmond. Although the band now resides in Canada, the Redmond brothers were actually born in Ireland and moved to the Hamilton area at an early age.

Al and Carl started out jamming and practicing in their garage and after only a year of writing their own original music, the two brothers attracted the attention of well known Canadian indie producer Tom Treumuth in 2002. Treumuth, who has also worked with fellow Canadian acts Voivod and Kataklysm heard Everything At Once’s live show and he immediately became impressed with the group’s onstage chemistry and their original material. Treumuth helped the band record some early demos, but a record deal continued to elude them.

After recording their demo at EMAC Studios in London, Ontario in 2004, the band became determined to play as many shows as possible anywhere they were allowed to play which resulted in a recording contract with Linus Entertainment in early 2005. Shortly after signing with Linus, Everything At Once began work on their debut album again with Treumuth at the helm. The result of several months of recording with Treumuth’s producing talents is Everything At Once’s debut self-titled disc which was released in Canada on August 2nd, 2005.

In the year since the release of the album, the band has continued to grow and tour tirelessly, even having the opportunity to play gigs with acts such as Three Days Grace and Trapt. In early June, the band released an exclusive Itunes EP which has coincided with a bunch of summer shows, some of which were in support of Staind, Seether, Nonpoint, Flyleaf and most recently Hurt. Currently, Everything At Once is continuing to tour in and around Ontario, including an August 26th gig at Lee’s Palace and a New Music Night at the Horseshoe in early October.

* Credit to Toronto journalist Stephanie Dawe for some of the information contained in this article.  [ END ]