Covette is a rock band form Southern California which originally formed in late 2004. The band just released their first EP Spar With The Truth through Record Collection in April. The band is doing extremely well, have come very far in a short time, and are about to go on their first tour in late April with Greeley Estates, Yesterdays Rising, So They Say, and The Stiletto Formal.

Spar With The Truth is a seven song EP that will make you rock out to the fullest. Songs like “Time Consuming” and “Game Plan Instructed” are so fucking awesome to listen repeatedly and I promise that you won’t get board of these bad boys, so leave the repeat button on all night long. If you like bands like Glassjaw, Head Audomatica, and Chevelle, then you will more then likely dig these dudes.

I haven’t heard a band in so long that’s this catchy that I actually like. Mostly because most of the catchy shit nowadays, in my opinion, is shit and the only reason we find it catchy is because it’s played on the radio 24/7. Nevertheless, these dudes are catchy as hell and I love the music. I just hope that they don’t over play the tunes on the radio.

The overall sound of this EP is definitely decent for sure. The tracks all sound the same sound-wise and the mix of the CD is pretty tight. The best part about this CD to me is probably the singer; I mean this dude (Shayley Bourget) sounds so much like the singer from Glassjaw! It’s amazing because that is very hard to pull off. I’ve seen enough people try and fail; if I was this guy’s vocal coach I’d be asking him all the time if he would like to have my job… HAHA.

The EP is about half an hour long and all the songs have there own unique feel. They don’t all sound the same which in this day and age is a bonus! I’m gonna have to say this band is amazing and if I can ever catch them in the Toronto area I’m gonna do so and have a fun, drunkin’ time. I recommend this CD to anyone and everyone who has a good taste in music, so go check this band out right now! You can check out there myspace at:

I give this CD 9 out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Intro
02. And The Story Ghost
03. Time Consuming
04. Game Plan Instructed
05. Intimate Waltz
06. Spar With The Truth
07. Intimate Waltz (Acoustic)

Run Time: 37:51