What we once new and loved as “Punk-O-Rama” has changed its name to Unsound. Which makes sense because the title “Punk” has changed dramatically throughout the years.

And with every year that passes another great compilation of new music is released courtesy of our beloved Epitaph. This compilation offers a bonus DVD with music videos of the bands featured on the audio CD except Robocop Kraus. And if you are anything like me, you’re going to love the DVD, music videos rock!

So what’s on the CD, well you’re going to have to go check it out for yourself, and no don’t go looking it up on smartpunk.com or amazon.com. Walk into the record shop, pick it up and then look at it… the old way. I know it’s easier to look it up, hear some samples, but bring back the conventional way, you might just feel some nostalgia.

The CD offers some newbies and oldies like I am Ghost, and acts like Bad Religion and Pennywise, pioneers of their craft. Having a band like Pennywise is like a treat on any compilation. To have a band like that mixed with newbies just goes to show how their music can fit in anywhere.

It’s a decent mix of pop punk from The Matches, and hardcore madness courtesy of Converge. Newcomers From First to Last offer two tracks while Some Girls, Motion City Soundtrack and Epitaph veterans Matchbook Romance offer one track a piece.

8 Cindy Crawford Moles out of 10.  [ END ]