Will there ever be a place for screamo acts to be heard on the radio? Probably not on conventional radio, but possibly satellite radio! See, new technology might not be all that bad. More outlets for bands like this give new bands hope.

If you’ve heard their previous releases, this new album seems to take a detour. One that might make you wonder if it was an album to comfort them after releasing a disappointing album for (xBishopx). Or it was a full fledge detour they wanted to make on their own. But, don’t get me wrong, each release is better then the last.

As for song titles, we all love bands like Fall Out Boy who give such elaborate and very creative titles to tracks, but these ones just seem overly weird. For instance, “Please Don’t Let My Mother Read This,” or “Pocket Full of Dirt”, and even “T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E.”

There isn’t much diversity on this album, the vocals are pretty much the same on each track, the drum pauses happen on every track. The only difference between songs is the guitar chords. It’s hard to keep an open mind when all you hear is screaming.

Musically the songs are well crafted I suppose, but you cannot understand the lyrics which make me wonder, why do people listen to this? I’m no one to question what people like, but I personally find it irritating. The drums are interesting and creative enough to keep the listener listening, and the guitar riffs have some pretty nifty breakdowns to accompany them. Overall it’s very raw sounding and I must say, each song blends in well with one another.

Lyrically, topics include racism, gay marriages, politics and veganism. So getting the liner notes and following along would be key. Lead vocalist Mean Pete, right off the bat screams to get his point across, points that people will either agree or disagree with.

There is always an album that comes out and everyone dogs on, I’m not trying to do so by any means, I just think their next effort will be better, and by better I mean more diversity, more in your face, more energy and rawness.

7 used copies of the album out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Con Artist
02. Pocket Full of Dirt
03. Slaughterhouse Blues
04. Little Hitlers
05. The Goddamn Busy Signal
06. Suicide Hotline on Speed Dial
07. White Devil
08. T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E.
09. Judas Will Swing
10. Please Don’t Let My Mom Read This
11. Selma
12. Runner Up In a Shit-Eating Contest
13. Gangsta Rap & Peppermint Schnapps
14. Off Key And Outta Line

Run Time: 31:06