From deep in the south of North Carolina, USA comes the rock and roll band known as Blanco Diablo. This band is relatively new to the rock scene, but they have already developed a loyal following in the Southern U.S. and of all places, the United Kingdom. The band recently released its debut album entitled Paper Poison Revolution, a collection of no nonsense rock tunes that features some awesome production. Fortunately for us, we were able to get in touch with the band for a few questions and answers.

Blanco Diablo is a relatively new band in the alternative rock scene. How did the band members meet and how did you come up with the name for the band?
Jamie: The members of Blanco Diablo met in the groove of the blues-rock abstract… CAN U DIG IT? Blanco Diablo was born out of everything hot, blue and righteous contained in the mystery of the spinning disc that couldn’t make it past the Pearly Gates… Besides, the name Grand Funk Railroad was already taken….

On your myspace website (, you describe the sound of the band as “snarling firepiss rock and roll.” What exactly do you mean by this and where did you come up with such an original description for your music?
Jamie: Snarling Firepiss Rock n’ Roll is a no rules, no holds barred art form earning the classification “Blanco Diablo”… It’s our motto that we lay down on our groovalicious grindstone at every show… KATY, BAR THE DOOR!!!

Your debut album Paper Poison Revolution has been out now only a very short time. Are you pleased so far with the fan reaction the CD?
Jamie: Our fans are the best and they are family… BLANCO DIABLO TEAMSTERS!!! Yes, we’ve had an amazing fan response to the new record… They are the movers, shakers, and troublemakers that we love dearly….

One particular strong point on Paper Poison Revolution is the production. Who produced the album how did you end up working with them on the record?
Jamie: We produced the record with Patrick Boyd… So we found ourselves in the control room with a local guy around Charlotte that produced our first demos… We know how we wanted the record to sound and Patrick’s plugged into what we like as well so it was a match made in jail – the studio.

You guys have performed a lot of shows in the Southeastern United States and New York City, but you also have performed overseas in the United Kingdom. What has the reaction been like to your music in the U.K. compared to here in North America or the U.S.?
Jamie: In the U.K. the fans are wonderful just like over here, we just wanted to take the party across the pond… We go back this July for the Magna Brittania Ultra Short Course Tour… They really do love their rock n’ roll over there and they make us feel right at home… The reaction is a bit more extreme towards our brand of rock… Rock n’ Roll never really went away from the mainstream like it did over here – so there hasn’t been a lot of new rock n’ roll bands going there from America – there’s a lot of nostalgia over there for more established bands that still tour Europe… So, there was a huge reaction to us when we got the chance to tour the UK last year… It was truly a religious experience to play the Cavern Club in Liverpool with Double Pnuemmonia!!! That’s how we roll!

To celebrate the release of Paper Poison Revolution, you performed a special gig at the Double Door Inn in Charlotte, North Carolina on April 28th. How did this show go and was it your largest headlining show yet?
Jamie: Yep, the legendary Double Door Inn… It was a blast filled with every Spinal Tap moment you could muster up! It was the biggest show we’ve done yet as a headliner but not the biggest show I’ve done with a cold and sore throat… All of our family and friends were there and we just threw one big party celebrating the release of our debut and thanking all of the Blanco Diablo Teamsters out there that made it happen!!! It was truly a celebration of everything that is rock n’ roll!

What is the songwriting process like within the band? Does each of you write on your own and then bring ideas into the studio or is it more of a collective effort?
Jamie: The songwriting process grows out of a kindred riff when we write together… I’ll come up with something and Patrick and Jeff usually finish it… But for the most part, I brought all but one song to rehearsal completed and we just flesh it out as a band from there before we go into the studio… In other words, turnin’ muddy water into wine….

The band has been playing a lot of shows in the North and South Carolina area, but are there any plans in the works for you to go on an expanded U.S. tour or even hit Canada at some point?
Jamie: We want to bring Blanco Diablo anywhere and everywhere we can across the fruited plain… Look for us soon in your local jukejoint outside the southeast… Canadian invasion will come soon!!!

If you had to select one song of the twelve that appear on Paper Poison Revolution as the best song on the disc, which one would it be and why?
Jamie: “Paper Poison Revolution” is the track to beat… TNT guitars, drums and bass and a potent message… Hell, we even named the record after that song… Ask me again tomorrow and it’ll be a different track….

Your band seems to be developing a strong following largely from word of mouth. What are the band’s plans for the rest of 2006?
Jamie: Plans for 2006 are the same plans for every year… Spreading the gospel of Blanco throughout the damn universe and beyond… We’ll be back in England for a short tour and torturing more virgin US eardrums than you can shake a stick at… RAWQ!  [ END ]