Minneapolis band Black Flood Diesel was assembled during 2000 by vocalist Greg Moog, guitarist Bender (a.k.a. Benji Hellberg) and drummer Aric Day; this trio subsequently bolstered by the arrival of bassist Kerry Dalton and guitarist Eric Giardina. A formative guitarist, Bryan Ottoson, exited to join American Head Charge and in April of 2005 Benji Hellberg acted stand in for American Head Charge (as well), substituting for the late guitarist Bryan Ottoson, who had died mid-tour. Soon thereafter Hellberg exits Black Flood Diesel to join American Head Charge full-time and is replaced with Aaron Woit.

Enter the summer of 2005 and Black Flood Diesel entered Winterland Studios with producer Todd Fitzgerald and recorded the new EP, New Asylum.

I have listened to this CD over and over and nothing but good do I hear from it every single time; tracks like “Last Tomorrow” and “Take The Pain” really stand out to me. They’re so catchy and in my eyes it’s really amazing how at the same time neither overly complicated nor dumbed down. This band now has a great line up and I think nothing but good will come from these guys and their new EP, New Asylum in the near future.

Musically they’ve got some kind of Mudvayne/Dry Kill Logic sound going on but it’s all goods because they do it perfectly. The overall guitar tone this EP has is fucking awesome and I don’t think they could have asked for a better sound with the guitars. The drums sound really good too and because the overall sound is so clear, it wouldn’t surprise me if drummer “Eric Day” did these all in one take… and I mean that in a good way.

The bass is so punchy the whole way through and that’s what it should sound like! Most CDs nowadays have a fucking horrible bass sound to them and when bands like this have a good bass sound it make’s the CD sound 10 times better. Greg Moog, All I can say about the sound of his voice is ROCKSTAR! The dynamics this guy has are awesome. If you are in to singing and screaming, well then I’m sure you will like Greg’s voice. He proves himself on every track for sure and the lyrics are very well put together.

In short, go by this CD if you want to check out a new band that’s actually good, because most new bands nowadays are kinda getting boring due to their shitty bass sounds… HAHA just jokes! Over all this CD rocks my face off crazier then a plate of pussy from Pluto. I give this CD 9.5 out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Trained Professional
02. Lust/Hunt/Kill
03. Last Tomorrow
04. Chasing The Atrophy
05. Take The Pain

Run Time: 18:49