Unleashing a steady, suitably consistent brand of tech-core on their self-produced debut album Lost In Focus, Apiary offer a decent first look into their chaotic creative mindset. This CD is crazy hardcore “Balls To The Walls” the whole way through if I must say so myself. It’s one big mix of Hardcore & Tech Metal that fits together so fucking perfect. I listen to a lot of hardcore music and bands like this are what is keeping this scene alive. The tracks on this CD are very badXassXcore!

Some parts are almost Math Metal so yes you can hear “The Dillinger Escape Plan” in this band for sure my home brews HAHA. Tracks like “Intervention” and “Forced To Breath” are very heavy and make you want to beat the shit out of anything in your way. I’m sure if Apiary came to Canada anytime soon we would show them how we rock are pits Toronto Style if you know what I mean.

On their debut album the California metalcore band Apiary shows a lot of musical prowess. Their brand of math metal type metalcore is complex and brutal in the vein of groups like Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, and Meshuggah.

The truth is that Lost in Focus is an incredibly good album and several things prove this. The first reason is the massive production; you can hear every detail and the technical skills of drummer Adam are perfectly captured on tape.

Beside his drumming skills he also butchers his drum kit like a maniac. The second good thing about the debut album is the perfect balance between heavy metalcore and crazy mathcore stuff. “Forced to Breathe,” “Peril’s Divinity,” and “These Walls are Permanent” are perfect examples of that.

The third key point is the harsh vocals of Jason. His vocals are aggressive like a mad dog and I dare to say that not many screamers in metalcore have this brutality. Before you are going to listen to a couple of Apiary’s tracks I end this review with the fact that these American guys can keep the attention span high for the full 45 minutes with this dynamic album. With the thirteen songs that are on this album you get a lot of awesome, brutal, and crazy riffs. I give this CD 8 out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Pain is the Reason
02. Descent
03. Extract
04. Omnipresence
05. Intervention
06. Bliss Is Vain
07. Forced to Breath
08. Lustrum
09. Peril’s Divinity
10. Solidified Foundation
11. Fading Imprint
12. These Walls are Permanent
13. Finding a Way Back

Run Time: 44:27