If you are reading this, you are most likely on the internet. If you are on the internet you more than likely know about myspace. Myspace, a place for friends, but more so a place for bands to rally fans and have their sound heard throughout the world. If not for myspace, I am not so sure I would have even known about Dark Haven. They are a band reigning from Temecula California, and thanks to the wonders of the internet a copy of the E.P. landed in my lap. Dark Haven put out their first E.P. themselves, and it is a great start to a band that should make it big one day.

Dark Haven give off a melodic death metal sound blended together with a dash of black metal overtones. It comes together with memorable riffs and lines that stick in your head. The sound recording is strikingly good for a self released E.P. and is next to parallel with a professionally done album. Guitar tone fits in with the clashing genres to capture a sound welcome for both worlds. Drum timing is commendable and entirely on time. To augment all this, the vocalist’s voice harmonizes with the music with well suited lyrics. In song transitions between different parts are all very well done as well. All the aspects of the band are killer, and sharpen each others sound when put together like any good band should be.

The standout song on the E.P. for me was the first track “Nightmare.” It blends the perfect mix of their sound, black metal and melodic death metal. The riffs are easy to follow, and the solos suit the song. The lyrics are suitable, having a nightmare, what’s happening in it and then waking up questioning the reasoning. Basic metal song lyrics except well written to not be bland. What I find it does is strip all the tech sounds of most bands down, reinvent what is merged in the genres, and then take it and tech it back up.

This album was killer! I enjoyed it from start to finish – awesome shit! The sound given off of the Gothenburg type death metal with black metal overtones is in its own way innovative. And being innovative is rare today with bands that just rip off other bands having nothing to actually say, or any certain feel. Dark Haven has its own personal vibe that when you listen to their music you immediately know “this is Dark Haven.” I can’t wait for the next album produced by them. Keep your eyes open for these dudes. For innovation, tech playing, keeping the sound brutal, I don’t think that this album could get any less than an 8.5/10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Nightmare
02. Revenant
03. Blackheart
04. Inter Dementia
05. Your Darkest Hour

Run Time: 26:16