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This is Metal [3 CD] (2005)



This disc is essentially any metal fan’s perfect Christmas stocking stuffer. Three discs loaded with metal, what else could a metalite ask for? Each disc has its own theme to it, Disc 1 features classic heavy metal tracks, whereas Disc 2 features “black, death and goth metal” and Disc 3 takes us to the land of covers.

Before getting into the review I just have to say, if you don’t like metal buy it anyway because the liner note is amazing. Here’s a bit of it “…my goal with this compilation…is a positive message; give listeners a variety plus an alternative to the status quo and hopefully break down some of the aforementioned barriers between metal heads. Sure you probably won’t like everything here, but we sincerely hope you will open your mind to some flavors and possibly start a small revolution of your own by not buying into the trends that are being pushed upon our scene by special interests with tons of dough and little regard for your sense of independence….So enjoy the music…” Ladies and gentlemen of the heavy metal genre, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Whoa, suddenly it’s 1987 and I’m at my cousin’s house and I’m introduced to Heavy Metal. So reminiscent and so pure in its form this Disc 1 almost brought a tear to my eye. I’ve also come to the conclusion by way of the song “Tyranny” by Firewind, that a good song is a timeless song, a song that can be played in any era or year and still sound like a hit single. I haven’t heard a Floatsam and Jetsam in so long, this is great! People pick this one up!

In Disc two, you can clearly distinguish a new song from an older song (those featured on Disc 1), but you can still make out the key elements to what make a great heavy metal song. I dig the song by Flowing Tears called “Razorbliss.”

Ah, Disc 3, land o’ covers. I’ve heard most of these songs and took a fancy to “Highway to Hell” performed by Quiet Riot, originally written by AC/DC. A close second was an Aerosmith’s cover of “Dream On” by Ronnie James Dio/Yngwie Malmsteen. These have got to be the best collection of covered songs in this genre to date.

Hands down this gets 10 double bass pedals out of 10. No Cheesyness here at all!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

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Run Time: 59:17


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