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Album Review

Opiate For The Masses

The Spore (2005)



Ok so we all know how much I like Warcon and the free sampler it gives out, and just like Bleed the Dream and My American Heart, you can add a third one from the Opiate for the Masses CD, The Spore.

Before even listening to the CD I noticed my trusty Winamp displaying the title, (some songs as 2004) and displaying the publishing company…interesting, I’ve never seen this before!

Contrary to what the dictionary defines Opiate as (something that dulls the senses and induces relaxation or torpor), the band seems not to dull us with their 2005 debut album.

I also know that most of you shouldn’t take my reviews as the be all end all of music reviews, because they are not. I like this CD, it’s one of those CDs I can put on while I’m doing something, and not find myself skipping every song. I’ve read most of the few reviews out there, and no one seems to dig this CD. Well I do, ok!? Some of it all sounds the same, but I really dig the sound of the vocals. The drumming isn’t challenging enough for me, but nonetheless they are alright. I pretty much drowned out all musical content and left the vox for me to like. “Step Up” sounds like a System of a Down song; the vocal style in some instances that is.

Songs on this album do not exceed 4 minutes; some of you might take that as a blessing. “Intermission” is exactly that; a break in between songs to have a musical interlude. There are some vocals, and one part of the song is like a really creepy clown house.

I have to say Opiate for the Masses (OFM), put on a way better show, as some of you caught on last years TOC and Warped Tour, then it’s recorded material, because they dress like 80’s rock stars (and yes their pants are super tight) and the singer apparently “is the sex” according to their fans. Wait, I didn’t mention that their Drummer’s moniker is Seven… reminds me of that kid on Blossom… Six.

Having toured the Warped Tour and the Taste of Chaos (acoustic stage nonetheless),OFM have gained great exposure to have caught the eyes of Drowning Pool, Orgy, Il Nino, and Static x, and have joined them during their respective Winter Tours. They have also joined Avenged Sevenfold as their opening act also late last year. Their set list for Warped Tour and the A7X was as follows:

Interlude (intro)
Step Up
Up To Me
The End

If you are hoping they’ll perform any older songs, it probably won’t happen until they start their own headlining tour, which should be announced shortly. The Spore is set to be released this week in Japan.

8 electronica keyboards out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Introduction
02. Can’t Feel
03. Up to Me
04. Drown
05. Clean
06. Step Up
07. Intermission
08. Heaven
09. Now
10. Transparency
11. Dig It Up
12. Interlude
13. Nothing Left
14. End

Run Time: 44:11