When you hear the term “upstate New York” you really don’t think of loud rock music, you think home of the Goo Goo Dolls, but all that is about to change. In a time where everything sounds the same and everyone dresses the same, Every Time I Die manage to steer away from that scene to create one of their own. These New Yorkers put on a sick live show only capturing what’s on this album. They describe their sound as “a buffalo bills tailgate party meets a high school bonfire kegger.”

Instantly you can hear the inspirations of Thin Lizzy and Motorhead on the record. The second track, “Kill Music” opens with a ferocious roar that can only mean that performed live it would be worth heading; the track also features guest vocals from the one and only Gerard Way of MCR. Also guest vocaling is Daryl Palumbo on “Champing at the Bait.”

If bass is your thing, “Pretty Dirty” is your track. And if you like to party, then it’s a win win situation; it’s the new anthem to anyone against crappy music.

This CD is pretty raw and doesn’t stray too far from the bands roots. The Daryl Palumbo induced track “Champing at the Bit” serves more as a collaborative song then a stand alone ETID track; you can easily tell other influences are present. Whether it’s a foreshadowing of what’s to come on their next album or not, Every Time I Die can deliver what they’ve also set out to deliver.

Being on the road for nearly ten months out of the year, and opening for the likes of Ozzy, My Chemical Romance, and Story of the Year, it’s a wonder how the band found time to write their third album. The album is energized with fast drum beats and metalesque guitar, alongside quintessential lyrics; this album breaks the mold of boring albums. Many different sounds are housed within the CD that are pleasing to the ear and the vocals are cleaner then the previous ETID release.

Every Time I Die are one of the few bands that have fans right across the age board, and country. They also catch the ears of many genre goers at once, such as metal, hardcore, and even emo.

Having almost killed themselves earlier this year, Every Time I Die spin new meaning to the term “every time I die.” Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into a reality because the future is looking bright. Catch them at this year’s Bamboozle May 6-7 at the Meadowlands Sport Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey. 8 and a half Statue of Liberties out of 10.

Track Listing:

01. Apocalypse Now And Then
02. Kill The Music
03. Bored Stiff
04. Easy Tiger
05. Tusk And Temper
06. The New Black
07. Champing At The Bit
08. Gloom And How It Gets That Way
09. Guitared and Feathered
10. L’astronaut
11. Pretty Dirty

Run Time: 34:26
Release Date: 2005