Over the past seven years Index Case has been busy as heck establishing themselves as a credible loud music act. Hailing from Indianola, Iowa (a small city neighbouring the much more renowned Des Moines; hometown of Metal legends Slipknot), Index Case essentially formed when a few high school friends one day decided to start jamming together. In the years following their formation, Index Case kept extremely busy having self-produced three full-length albums. Needless to say that with each album the group’s sound became increasingly professional until one day they caught the attention of Mortal Music and inked a record deal. Being the hard workers that they are, the group quickly entered the studio and in September of 2005 released their self-titled debut. Having gone from essentially that of a backwoods garage band to a mainstay in the rock/metal world, Index Case’s bright future is just now getting underway. Now, as the band currently tours North America with American Head Charge, I was fortunate enough to catch up with frontman Joe Ansley and chat briefly about the band’s past, present, and future.

When and how exactly did Index Case form?
Joe: Index Case formed about seven years ago, we all went to the same high school but never really hung out, I was friends with our drummer Jordan and he called me one day and said; “You should come hang out, I am jamming with Josh and you should hear some of the stuff.” So I went over and that was that I loved the music, invited myself in and Index Case was formed.

The name Index Case is pretty original. How did you decide upon the name and what does it stand for?
Joe: Index Case was decided on not too long after we started, I was digging through a psychology book and ran across the term Index Case and it sounded perfect, it basically means the first of its kind! For example the first person to ever get the flu was the index case of the flu.

To date Index Case already boasts four full-length albums, the first three of which were self produced. What was it like recording your own music and how did these first three albums fair?
Joe: We loved recording our own music; we are very hands on and like to be in control of what we create. Taking your time is key and doing it ourselves meant there was no time limit. And some of those records to this day are a lot of people’s favourites and can keep up with anything on the shelves now a day, in my opinion.

You eventually came to sign a record deal with Tim King’s label Mortal Music. How did you meet Tim and how and when was the deal made official?
Joe: We met Tim when we were on the Mushroomhead tour, Soil was also on the bill and our bands just clicked, especially with Tim, he is good people and we had kept in touch ever since. So I get a call from him one day saying I just got my own label and wanna sign you, and that was that we have been working with him ever since.

After having signed with Mortal Music you re-entered the studio and after much work in September of 2005, released your self-titled debut. What was this recording experience like and how has this record been received thus far?
Joe: Recording was fun it was our first “real” studio experience and we just partied and did a record and it came out great, our fans seem to be really happy with it as well!

How do you personally feel about the album?
Joe: Amazed, I had no idea that it was gonna turn out the way it did, the production is amazing and there are so many layers, it gave us a more full spacey sound.

You hail from Indianola, a recluse and rather “off the map” city located in Iowa. What is it like in this part of the U.S. and does the city’s atmosphere affect your music or lyrics?
Joe: Everybody knows everybody, its 10 miles south of Des Moines, and considered a suburb of Des Moines, Bars, fights, farms, skate parks, etc. Just like any other city just scaled down. A lot of our sound comes from our environment, nothing to do so musically you create your own world were you can be creative, and paint your own pictures, if that makes sense?

Your music is always heavily laden with a twisted mix of emotions and more importantly, always seems to possess some important message. What are some of the main ideas that you are trying to convey and why?
Joe: Be yourself, don’t answer to anyone, and don’t change anything about yourself for someone else, if they don’t like ya F*#K EM!

Certain parts of North America are breeding grounds for normalcy, complacency, and conformity. Is Indianola one of these spots and either way how did your music come to be so unique in sound?
Joe: Sure it’s pretty average, and what we do isn’t always accepted there, but like I said earlier F*#K EM! We weren’t influenced by anything; we just wrote what we wanted.

You guys managed to score a sweet spot on the current American Head Charge Tour. How and when exactly did you get added to the bill?
Joe: We have the same agent. Plus we grew up around them they are from Minneapolis which is 4 hours from us, so we have played together a lot in the past and are good friends with them.

This tour is rather extensive and will run from October 31st until roughly mid December. Do you enjoy being on the road and why?
Joe: Love the road, different city, different people, different party every night! That’s all I can say about that….

What is your least favourite part of touring and why?
Joe: Not always being able to shower, and you get sick a lot, due to lack of food and sleep, its hard to stay healthy.

What do you have lined up for after this American Head Charge tour has finished?
Joe: Nothing as of now, we just sit around and at any time could get a call saying this is who you’re going out with and when, and that’s how it works.  [ END ]

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