Very seldom do you find a band with such a stand out sound as Fear Factory. These days in the genre of Metal, many bands rely on the same old tricks to keep them ahead of the pack. Fear Factory however, are a band that other Metal groups strive to be. Now, with their incredibly distinguishable sound, Fear Factory bring us yet another masterpiece entitled Transgression.

I myself have been an avid Fear Factory fan since Soul of a New Machine. The band started off brutal, and subsequently came out with great classic albums like Demanufacture and Obsolete. At this point however, many fans stopped paying attention. Fear Factory released an album entitled Digimortal which was said to be their most mainstream release. After a while the band returned without their old guitarist Dino Cazares and released an album that was a little bit more true to their roots. This album almost seemed to make up to the fans that did not like Digimortal. This release called Archetype was a brand new Fear Factory; one that looked promising and whose roots were coming back. Many fans were pleased at what they heard, and new better things were to keep coming.

Transgression: to exceeding of due bounds or limits. Fear Factory pushed all limits on this record and is is by far one of their most experimental releases. Their normal assault of heavy double kick and tight guitar can still be found on the album, but there is more of a different style of guitar playing that Christian brings to the table. It’s not really bad, but it’s different. I personally like it; they still have the main Fear Factory elements, but they added some different guitar riffs, the drumming seems pretty much the same, and Burton C Bell’s vocals still prove to be amazing. Overall, the album is pretty much exactly what I expected after hearing Archetype. If you are however a Fear Factory fan that didn’t like Archetype, you probably won’t like this new offering either. If you did like Archetype on the other hand, then this album is right on track with that.

All the Fear Factory elements you love are here as well as some new guitar styling, different structuring, and a little bit more melodic experimental stuff added too. Transgression is for sure worth checking out; especially for a breath of fresh air in this huge world of Metal. Fear Factory are Metal Gods and this release only helps to further prove that point.  [ END ]

Notable songs: Moment Of Impact, 540,000 Fahrenheit, Transgression, Contagion.

Track Listing:

01. 540,000 Fahrenheit
02. Transgression
03. Spinal Compression
04. Contagion
05. Empty Vision
06. Echo Of My Scream
07. Supernova
08. New Promise
09. I Will Follow
10. Millennium
11. Moment Of Impact

Run Time: 41:10