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Lost and Found (2005)



Holy freakin’ good heavy music is exactly what “Lost and Found” has to offer. Enough said; this album is off the wall! Seriously though, the fourth full-length release from alternative metal group Mudvayne is an incredible show of musical talent. The band has managed to orchestrate an incredibly elaborate and well compiled musical assault. The album features twelve fantastic tracks which will not disappoint. The disc has virtually no dull spots and even when there is the slightest chance that a song might start to wan, it immediately jumps into a frenzy of musical mayhem.

Let us begin then by analyzing the first and foremost track on the album, “Determined”. This song could easily be the next Ultimate Fighting Championship theme song, for it is insanely invigorating. It certainly will render any listener determined, and as it is short and sweet, you will never tire of hearing it. “Pushing Through”, the next song, is another phenomenally good tune. It is hard, it is catchy, and it is an excellent example of the band’s sound. “Happy?” is exactly how you’ll feel by the time you are listening to the third song. “Happy” because the album is so amazing, and “?” because you’re not too sure how to feel – I mean the song overall sounds happier, but is still effectively hard and heavy. Track number four “IMN” does a 180° and destroys any possible happy feelings that might have been lingering from the last song. “IMN” is so incredible: the double bass pedal is banging, the guitar riffs are driving, and the whole tune is seemingly electrically-charged. Most noticeable on this particular track is the fantastic “drums only” ending.

“Fall Into Sleep” is more melodic than its predecessor. It maintains elements of Mudvayne’s metal sound, but definitely leans more towards the alternative genre. This song is by no means ‘alternative’ or even worse, ‘popy’, it simply is more harmonious than the groups’ usual songs; it is in actuality a sick track. Next in line, is the sixth song; “Rain. Sun. Gone”. There is nothing bad about this song, however, overall it lacks the same pizzazz that is ever-present throughout the rest of the album. This previous song eventually transitions into song seven, “Choices”. “Choices” is by far the longest song on the album, clocking in at a total playing time of 8:05. For the most part, this song is extremely well compiled; however there are certain aspects which appear a tad out of place; namely the children’s voices which infrequently appear throughout the song. Some might love this song; others might find it too long and drawn-out.

Mudvayne’s barrage of excellent music continues (albeit after a slight lull) with “Forget to Remember”. Short, punchy, and highly commanding; that is all that needs be said! The tunes continue to improve as “TV Radio”, the ninth track, blows away the competition. The song is a prefect blend of hard, angry, soft, and, happy – this is a great song! As aforementioned, the songs just get better. “Just”, is just another hard, fast, and amazingly attractive metal ballad. Just don’t listen to it too loud, you’ll go deaf. The last two songs are wicked tracks to have left for the end of the album. Both of the tracks are moderately longer and are a wonderful return to more true metal sounds. “All That You Are” has a sound which at times is reminiscent of Killswicth Engage, whereas “Pulling The String” is unique and more Mudvayne-esque. Both of these songs are totally sick and smack an exclamation point on the overall quality of the album.

We encourage you to listen to this album with caution, for it is highly addictive. There is a good possibility that you will not be able to stop listening to it for quite some time. As it is, I have been playing it repeatedly since its release. Mudvayne is a band that has tremendous room to grow. They are just now blossoming into one of the best metal bands of the day. This album is a real piece of work, and if you are not acquainted with this group’s material, than this album is an exceptional place to begin.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Determined
02. Pushing Through
03. Happy?
04. IMN
05. Fall into Sleep
06. Rain. Sun. Gone.
07. Choices
08. Forget to Remember
09. TV Radio
10. Just
11. All That You Are
12. Pulling the Strings

Run Time: 53:23

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